Saturday, February 02, 2008

Life in Wyoming - You Might be a Redneck If…

The words “camouflage” and “tuxedo” are used in the same sentence.

This afternoon I was walking in Old Town Rock Springs, and did a triple-take as I walked past the First Comes Love Bridal Shop. In the window display was a camouflage vest and tie.

As you can tell, I couldn’t get a good picture, so, I went into the shop. They eagerly offered me a catalog with the vest in it!

Personally, I think the guy is far too skinny and clean-shaven to be modeling this... in my, not-so-humble, opinion, he needs to be scruffy, with a beer-belly to pull it off.

The helpful store owner also told me that I’d be “surprised because the camo goes with a lot of things.” Yeah, camouflage goes with things! Things like, shot-gun shells, campfire-smoke, beer-belches, deer-skat, entrails, and the smell of freshly-skinned-meat (no pun intended) not satin and lace and champagne.

I was advised that this camouflage formal wear “is not just in Wyoming”, you can order the camo formal wear anywhere in the US! Whoo-hoo! Just what we need for those shot-gun weddings!

If you are really, truly interested in this "unique" Mossy Oak option among formal wear, then you will need to look for Jim's Formal Wear at a store near you. If you use this, please, send me pictures!


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