Thursday, February 14, 2008

I’m A Winner! (Happy Heart Day to Me)

Teresa of Moonvalley Quilter told me it “Looks like this is your lucky day!” She was right! Today I “won” at least FIVE THINGS!

1. FOUR HOURS extra sleep (compliments of my hubby and boys).

2. One World – One Heart Giveaway from Vanessa of A Fanciful Twist

3. Warm Fuzzy Heart from Trisha of easily amused, hard to offend

4. Miraculously Avoided an Automobile Accident

5. One World – One Heart Giveaway from Teresa of Moonvalley Quilter

Today I received a “Oh-so-sweet” envelope in the mail… that I thought at first was junk mail, because, who else sends out dark colored envelopes with white writing? Trisha, that’s who! She HAND STAMPED and used a white-gel-pen to write me a note and envelope that we’re just darling. Inside was my first choice from her “warm fuzzy hearts”.

I am so tickled with it! It actually arrived yesterday, but I forgot to get my mail, so, when I went down this morning, there it was to wish me a Happy Valentine’s Day. I wore it around all day, and truly enjoyed it! THANK YOU TRISHA!!!

[Postscript: Sorry for the fuzzy picture - you try taking a picture of your own chest and see how it comes out!!! :P]

It really is my lucky day! As you know, I am new to living in the snow. I’d been getting pretty confident about driving in the inclement weather, but today I was a little shook up. It was probably because I nearly wiped someone out, as I slid (out of control) down a 25' hill out of a parking lot (leaving the grocery store) into moving traffic. I watched a SUV drive of my van (which also had my two young sons and my hubby with a broken leg in it) and somehow, miraculously, all that happened was I was shook up for an hour. The guy RIGHT BEFORE ME, slid down the same hill... so, I was going REALLY slow, just creeping with my foot on and off the break pedal, and then WOOSH! Down I went! Right after that, I saw two other people who had just slid off the road. After that, I kept loosing (and seeing people loose) traction all over town. I don't know how I avoided hitting the SUV... it was right in front of me! Such a miracle!!!

About my success with The Prizes today. I posted about the OWOH Giveaway last week, but until (bedtime) last night, I hadn’t entered any. I spent about an hour randomly opening links and entering only for the prizes I liked (about 20). I won two of them! Pretty good odds, I think. Thank you, Trisha, Vanessa, and Teresa (notice all the “a’s” at the end of these names? I notice things like that, thank you very much!) for your generous gifts via the One World – One Heart Giveaway! I look forward to playing with my new goodies; you are too kind!

As a bonus, I’ve had four SIX ladies email me that they plan to come to the “Mom’s Time Playgroup” I host every Friday morning. It’s been just me and another lady for about a month now, and I just found that she has to move within the next two weeks. I’m very sad to see her go (even though we’ve only known each other a few months), but I’m VERY HAPPY that so many other ladies are coming to visit while their kiddos play!

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trisha too said...

Hey, Suzy!
I'm so glad you liked your heart--they were so much fun to make.

TODAY I need to work on that apron! Have you made yours yet?
I got mine, and it's SO well made, it kind of intimidated me. No, inspired me to do an even better job--that's more like it! :)