Monday, May 19, 2008

Amazing Family Photos

Do you ever stumble upon photos of family members where they have the same expression? I mean, you look at the pictures side-by-side and you just KNOW that they are related. The first time I remember doing this was about two years ago. I was working on a Mother's Day project for my Mom and stumbled upon my sister and I with the exact same faces. It was almost eerie! I did it again last year with my two sons. It just so happened that the refrigerator magnets I made of them, they were looking the same direction, with their heads turned the same and the expressions so close!

Well, a couple of days ago I was playing with our Family Photos taken by Joe Chott last December. I started out looking for a "happy" expression, but had trouble finding one of Jack that was close enough or where he was turned toward the camera. So, I went with the "serious" expressions. I was busily working away; making each photo the same size and cropped similar, then, I tiled my windows in Adobe and was shocked to see this:

I mean, WOW! Can you TOTALLY see that this is Father and Son? Get away from their coloring, and just LOOK at the expressions! The eyes, the nose, the chin, the cheeks! It's ALL THERE! Well, maybe Frank has my lips,

but everything else, just AMAZING!!!

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