Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Helpers and My CRAZY Schedule

Lately I've been enforcing the fact that the boys help with the dishes. Usually, Frank washes after breakfast while Jack rinses, and then they switch at lunch. Today, they mixed it up, but the results were the same... after quite a while I had clean dishes, a clean counter (flooded is more like it), and a floor ready to be mopped (and thus kept clean too!)

Jack doesn't like his clothes wet. As you can see...

...not liking wet clothes, and being a 3-year-old assigned to dish duty can be problematic. Well not problematic for the 3-year-old, he just rips another shirt off the hanger (usually breaking the hanger) and throws the wet one on the floor. It's problematic for the laundry washer and folder (ie: ME!) I've been thinking of making him a waterproof smock. I actually found some great Lightening McQueen tablecloth fabric at JoAnn's this weekend, and now that I'm home, I really don't know why I didn't buy it. I could have made him a water-resistant smock, I've been wanting too... why didn't I buy the material? Could it be that I'm just exhausted and so, since I didn't remember how much fabric I needed, I didn't buy anything. I guess so.

Here's my schedule for the next little bit:
  • Wednesday and Thursday - finish packing, set up utilities, wash at Laundromat FOR THE LAST TIME!!!
  • Friday - Close on house, mask and trim for painting
  • Saturday - Painting Party... EVERYONE's INVITED! We are planning to repaint the ENTIRE 1800 square foot house!
  • Sunday - Finish Painting
  • Monday - Appliance Delivery
  • Tuesday - Moving Day, local High School boys are helping (for cash)
  • Wednesday - I don't know. I can't think that far ahead.
  • Saturday, 7 June - Last day of apartment, turn over to new occupants who are taking over our lease.
Nope. No reason for me to be tired. None at all!

Anyway, here's Jack in his third shirt of the day (he wore four shirts and three pair of pants
today, all because he helped with dishes twice).

I'm not sure what the fourth shirt was all about. I think he just wanted a different shirt on. :P

After the Lunch-Time Washing Fiasco, Frank was all about helping! He even labeled a box with their names and "BOX 1 OF TOYS! OH YEAH"...

They are good helpers. They are also young kids and interject a lot of... surprise and mischief into my life! I love my boys.

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Serena said...

Hello my Anonymous New Best Friend !!! YAY, it arrived....

Thank you so much, I love my apron.

And also the TONNE of extra stuff you sent me.. I'm so lucky....

I'll do a post on this on my blog tomorrow, but just wanted to do a quick post to say THANKS !!!!!

Ooh, need to do some cooking now, in my swanky new apron, with my swanky new measuring spoons, cleaning up my mess with my swanky new tea towels (well, I would cook now, except for the fact it's 11pm, and I'm about to go to bed).

Thanks so much Suzy..... you are a great swapper !!