Friday, May 02, 2008

Color Me Happy Quilt

Hey! Look what I worked on yesterday and today...

I started it yesterday and had planned to work on it a little each month, but a girlfriend offered to watch the boys and then Tom was able to pick them up. So, I worked myself to exhaustion to finish quilting it.

This is "Color Me Happy". From a pattern I first saw at Quiltz in Phoenix, Arizona last Spring. It's the first "jelly roll" I've ever bought... Moda's "Spring Fling". I sewed it last August while at my cousins and needing a little "creative release". Now to clip threads on the back and attach a binding. It's going to be our new cuddle quilt. Here's the list of words I quilted into the top:

1. Joy
2. Peace
3. Fun
4. Love
5. Faith
6. Smile
7. Bubbles
10. Tom
11. Suzy
12. Rainbow
13. Prism
14. Relax
15. Flow
16. Glad
17. Content
18. Cheer
19. Bliss
20. Delight
21. Pleasure
22. Harmony
23. Grin
24. Smirk
25. Play
26. Jump
27. Run
28. Appreciate
29. Empower
30. Freedom
31. Passion
32. Enthusiasm
33. Eager
34. Optimism
35. Sparkle

I also stitched daisy-like flowers all over it along with dragonflies - both inspired by the fabric.


Anonymous said...

I love that you quilted in word, it is such a neet idea. I can't wait to see it.


Me said...

Love the quilt! You are quite talented.