Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Out of the Mouthes of Babes

Mommy, did you know that when you talk grouchy to me that will get me to shut up and talk to Dad and brother? And if you talk nice, that will get you talked to.
Yep. Here on Great American Grump Out Day, that's what Frank just told me, in a nutshell "talk mean and I won't talk with you, talk nice and I will." I wonder if he knows the whole "flys with vinegar/honey analogy?"

That he should tell me this is pretty funny in more ways than one... just last night I was thinking to myself "I really need to talk nicer and more with my boys." Like, actually talk with them and sit during the day and cuddle with them and not just always telling them what we "need / have to" do next.
My throat is hoarse because of all the "talking" I've been doing lately.

We've had two REALLY busy days getting things in order for our House Purchase. Today an ad ran in the paper for our apartment. I had eight phone calls and three appointments for people to look at it. The first call (and first visitor) has paid the application fee to the apartment and the transfer fee to be added to the lease. If he's accepted, then, next week we'll ask for the deposit and first month's rent to hold the apartment for him.

This afternoon I found myself smiling. I've been busy all day. I think a lot of why I'm smiling is that things are falling into place for the house. We needed to make pay $400 for the Appraisal today. This morning our Arizona tax refund hit the bank... $643. :D By the 15th, we need $1400 in our account to close with... my friend got her economic stimulus payment yesterday, so, we think we should have ours in time. Even if the economic stimulus hasn't arrived, we're planning a trip in two weeks with my Father-In-Law. I thought we'd be sharing the cost, but we just received a check from him for the full amount of what I've paid for the hotel and the tickets (another $820)... so, that's another bonus!

Anyway, I'm glad to be getting things all set up. Now, to excavate my boxes from storage and get to packing!

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