Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Make New Friends, but Keep the Old.

One is Silver,
nd the Other Gold.

That's a song we use to sing in the Girl Scouts.

Today I am SO EXCITED that I am LITERALLY jumping for joy!

Yesterday I made two new friends. Roxie I met at the laundromat, only to discover that she just moved into my apartment complex (in fact, I have her moving boxes from beside the dumpster!) She has two boys, ages 2 & 4.

Amy I met online yesterday and in person today. Her 5yo son is actually over playing with my boys. We hit it off SO WELL! AND... while giving her a private, 2-hour-tour of Rock Springs, she loved the houses for sale on our street. She took her hubby over, and, well, they are writing a contract with the developer in about two hours! I've actually called the developer and left a message... I'm going to ask him for a Referral / Finder's Fee... I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

It is just SO COOL to be making new friends! I now have four great lady friends here in Rock Springs with a total of eight kiddos (5 girls and 2 boys) to hang out with me and my 2 boys... hey, we've got a balance of genders now! I've also met several other ladies, but I can see that I'll be getting together with these ladies A LOT!!!

Oh yeah! Amy, who's buying a house just down the street, has been homeschooling her oldest for two years, and our 5yo's are both going to be in Kindergarten this year. We're already talking about sharing teaching responsibilities. I'm just SO EXCITED and I HAD TO SHARE it with you!

Also, I mailed off my Summer Sassy Apron Swap items today. So, that's a relief! I had fun making them and hope she enjoys them.


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Josie said...

Hi Suzy,
Your excitement is contagious. Isn't it great when you meet new friends and they have kids the same age? Happy house hunting/ moving.