Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Washday - Part 3

Maybe you're tired of hearing about my Washdays by now, but around here, for me, they are still a big deal. Probably because it pretty much takes the whole day for me to get our family's laundry taken care of.

I much preferred being able to wash one to two loads per day. Sure, then you are doing laundry everyday, but it's just five to fifteen minutes at a time, not a WHOLE DAY lost to something as mundane as

In any case, here's the latest:
  • The past two weeks I've tricked myself by doing the laundry on Tuesday instead of Wednesday.
  • Also the past two weeks, they're have been homeless, wandering vagrants (I'm sure there's a Politically Correct description for these people, but I'm sure I don't know what it is) at the laundromat. They have been using the bathrooms as bars and showers (neither of which they are designed for). It must have something to do with the nicer weather here (50F-70F days) that suddenly we are seeing more Wanderers. They are causing discontent for the Laundry Management and patrons. To be sure, they have been washing clothes there, and that's okay, but using the bathroom as a shower, leaving the floor soaked and beer bottles in the trash... this is just not acceptable. This is the cleanest laundromat I've ever been too, with the nicest, friendliest employees. At least they add some different, excitement. But I digress...
  • I've just not been putting the pressure on myself I once did.
  • The folding stool is helping!
  • I've been sitting at a different table for folding... it feels more open and friendly (although it's also closer to a TV that people insist on turning on). Why is it that just because there is a TV people think it HAS to be on? And why is it that when they see children they assume cartoons should be on? And why don't they notice that the same children they'd just commented on being my "good little helpers" stop helping when they turn the TV on? It's so frustrating to be in public places where one's almost forced to watch TV! Is it okay for me to walk over and turn off the TV immediately after they turn it on? Why doesn't anyone ever say "do you mind if I turn this on?" I guess I need to pull out my TV-B-Gone and get some new batteries! That's always fun to observe. :D
  • I have been sticking closer to the laundromat without "plans" for things to do while the clothes are washing or drying. Less running around is creating less stress.
  • We've been packing PB&J sandwiches and other lunch items to eat while we're there. This helps a lot since we've also been leaving later and are generally there over lunchtime.
I guess that's about it. We're still tired at the end of Laundry day, but at least I'm not biting everyone's heads off!

Oh and I think it
might help that I now know there are just a few weeks of this left and I'll have my own machines at my own house again! Let's see... four weeks from today and my new machine should be delivered... we'll still be painting the new house and technically living at the apartment, but if I want I can start using my own machines! What a feeling of relief!!!

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