Sunday, May 04, 2008

Quilt Layout - Alien Monsters

I've been tinkering with a layout for a little "Monster" quilt I'm making for Jack.

Today, I went from paper, to EQ5 (which always feels so
laborious), to Adobe Photoshop. I actually had FUN in Photoshop and came up with several design layouts. Tom and my favorite is shown.

It has four 12" pieced blocks (two light & two dark), six 9" panels, and two odd sized rectangle blocks (to be cut out of a large scale fabric). The overall size is around 42"x50" (before borders). Next up is figuring out the cutting sizes for the background pieces and seeing if I can cut them out of a certain piece of fabric I have in mind.


Anonymous said...

Sounds Great. I think the odd spaced quilts look the best when done, but oh what a pain to figure. Good luck


SuzyQSparkles said...

See. And I absolutley LOVE figuring it out! I was having so much fun doing the math and fitting the puzzle pieces together to cut out of my cloth.

I got all the math done only to realize some of my pieces were oriented wrong (the background is a stripe); then I realized that the Alien Panels are actually bigger than 9", so, back to the drawing board!

I'll just change the size of the blocks but see if I can keep the layout similar.