Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hello Legos; Goodbye Nails!

Well, if I had any hope of growing my nails out (it's always a touchy situation), it's GONE NOW!

Over the weekend we finally bought the boys two small Lego Creator kits. I've been eye-balling them for quite a while now, thinking the boys would like them. On a trip to a store, Tom, came up holding the very same two I've been thinking of getting... Train and Construction sets (they are both available in stores for $5 each, so disregard Amazon's atrocious Train price!)

Jack is amazing at doing puzzles! Frank also has an aptitude for fine motor skills and small puzzles. They regularly work on 50-100 piece puzzles. They also love the subject matter of these kits. So, even though the Lego sets are for "6-12 years" and my boys are 3 and 5, it has been just as I suspected... they love them! Actually, I've been amazed at how much time they are spending with these two small sets AND the fact that even Jack will build up his 73 piece train, from memory, to within a few pieces. I mean, when I got up this morning, he had everything but the smokestack and bell on train, with just one piece assembled out of order! This just stuns me! He and I built the train together ONE TIME yesterday, and at 3 he can remember the sequence within ONE piece! WOW!!!

Maybe I'm tooting my own kids' horns here, but I think it's impressive.

What I don't find impressive is what I see happening to my nails. I'm all too happy to take pieces apart for them, because they are building and learning and creating, but, as I said, those itty-bitty-pieces and my nails are going to be at odds. So. If anyone's come up with a good, easy way to get the teeny-tiny-pieces apart, PLEASE, let me know!!!

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Serena said...

Ooh. Lego is ace. I have lots and lots of Lego.. My favourite piece being the Hogwarts Castle from Harry Potter (hmm, you'd think at thirty something adult shouldn't buy lego for herself.. but I do).. And I'm proud of it. I have lots of good childhood memories of lego.