Friday, May 30, 2008

Just Our Luck

As luck would have it. In addition to being overwhelmed, overworked, and generally exhausted.
  • Tuesday afternoon/night - Frank developed a runny nose.
  • Wednesday night - Jack developed a runny nose.
  • Thursday evening - Jack added a slight fever to the mix.
  • Thursday evening - Tom crashed early, "feeling terrible" with a sore throat and fever.
I've been tired, but taking regular time out to rest... like yesterday afternoon, I put both boys down (Jack slept, Frank rested until his radio music turned off (a "quiet" timer I use for nap-times), and I slept for 90 minutes. I've been trying to relax and take it one-step-at-a-time, but, it is hard to keep all these balls in the air!

Our 9:00am closing on the house Friday? We're still suppose to close on Friday, but we "just need to be flexible" and PATIENT with when it will happen. The bank is STILL waiting on ONE piece of paper from the VA. Our last lender didn't send in the paperwork to show our previous VA loan as paid off. So, even though the credit reports show the loan paid off, the Veteran's Administration must send a special paper over. Even though we already gave them a Certificate of Eligibility. What's most frustrating is that we applied for the loan over two months ago, and now, at the moment of closing, they still don't have all the pieces in place. In the past week, we've had AT LEAST SEVEN things that the loan officer needed "right now". I've been very confused by all the last minute running about. I guess my loan officers in Arizona really knew there stuff, because with them, I seem to remember getting a list, brining everything in, and being done with it.

Anyway. Positive thoughts for today. We'll close by lunch-time so I can start masking and painting the house... with a whole bunch of people who are feeling GREAT! :D

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