Thursday, May 15, 2008

I'm A Winner - Thank you Kind Ladies!

I have been VERY remiss is offering up thanks to several EXTREMELY generous ladies!

Way back in February, I told you that I was a winner of several give-aways. Well, then I went on a trip, and when I returned, I had a pile of boxes full of prizes. I snapped pictures of the contents, fully intending to post and thank the ladies, and I’m just now FINALLY getting around to it!

I’ve been participating in Lucy's Sassy Apron Swap this year. There are four swaps planned, one per season. You may join any or all of them. For the Spring Swap, I made these matching Mom and Daughter Aprons and sent them to Murray of Studio Domestique.

When I returned from my trip (in March) I had received my Spring Apron from a very kind lady, whose contact info I can't put my finger on. Also, I received both of the prizes from the One World – One Heart Giveaway. They were from Vanessa of A Fanciful Twist and from Teresa of Moonvalley Quilter.

I continue to enjoy the gifts, especially the bright and cheerful items from A Fanciful Twist. They bring a touch of cheer to a gloomy little galley kitchen.

Yesterday, I received my Summer Apron from Valerie of Yarni Gras! I just peeked at her site and I think I'm going to enjoy reading it. It looks like she has a lot of fun with life! She's also the only other person I know who has her own business cards with just her name, phone number, and email/blog address. Too fun!

Here is a picture of the apron I received on Monday:

Look at all the fun stuff she included! Cupcake wrappers (to match the theme), a hot-pad made of scraps, plant stakes, measuring spoons, several recipes on handmade cards (also to match the theme), and hand towels… all tied up with some ric rac. VERY fun to go through… and my boys have already claimed their SWAG from the bag! I really like the fact that the front is actually a SUPER-HUGE pocket!

I have the pattern for my Sassy Apron Swap recipient, and I’ve been trying to decide just what specific theme to do for her… she’s in another country, and so several of our Summer holidays I associate with are American, so, I’m thinking of some other themes (watermelon, picnic, ants, “cute” bugs, etc.)


Yarni Gras! said...

I'm glad you liked the apron. I just got one too....its called a clothespin apron. I got the idea after reading about your laundromat horrors! I hope you enjoy the apron.

val said...

Hi Suzy, I am having a dress form naming contest thru tomorrow. Stop by my blog and toss and name in the bucket. If we pick it, you'll win an apron.