Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hillary’s Picture

In her what, sixteen or so years in the public eye (at least that I’ve been aware of), Tuesday MSN’s home page had the first picture of Hillary that I can remember liking. It seems natural. Her hair seems tame. I like the background. I just kinda liked the picture.

During Monica Lewinsky, I remember thinking that the only reason Hillary would have stayed with Bill would have been for political / power reasons. I also remember, about the same time, that she might one day be our first Lady President. Now, here we have her in the running.

To be quite honest, I’m not happy about this Presidential election. It’s the first time when I haven’t been excited to go to the polls and vote for my candidate. I’m just not sure I like what any of them have to say. Is this related to the fact that the State of the Union seems so poor? It must be very difficult to campaign for the presidency of a Nation that is in such turmoil.

I just think it must be tough for all the candidates. I also know that only one candidate has caught my eye, and he dropped out of the race a while back. So, I sit and wait to see if there will be some sort of a “Dream Ticket” or just what. I truly wonder what the next few years will be like. I also tend to doubt there will be any sort of “magical turn-around” as the result of this Presidency. The troubles of our Country have been a long-time coming, and they can’t be fixed quickly by just one Presidency.


sunshinenhappiness said...

Hi! Does your mom have a blog? It would be nice to get to know her better too:)

I was trying to say the other day... regarding where we live... if we believe life is a journey, each place we live is just a piece of a really big road... It can mean so many things to different people. To me, I see you & Tom living in a crappy apartment as your desire to live in a small town around family more valuable then a nice house with a lot more money. Family & peace weighing more on your value scale then finances & temporary home surroundings. But, he may be pretty "Feng shui" affected... and I understand that too. I have a house with fugly carpet, ceilings, counters, cabinets... the list goes on... I walk in and say this is not what I would pick but I did pick it:) All choices have a price & we wanted to live in this location more than having a beautiful home...

blah blah blah... I love what your Pioneer woman said... this is the life I chose!

Excited to see pics of your new place!

Yarni Gras! said...

I've felt that way this time around. I vote Republican though and do like McCain. he wasn't my first pick but there you go. My father's very good friend was a POW with McCain and speaks highly of him.